CrossFit – Tue, Sep 19

Turn 2 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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2 Minute Bike


2 sets-

10 Lu Raises

10 Prone Shoulder CARS

10 R lunge+ L lunge+ air squat


Build to starting weight for the hang power snatch

Hang Power Snatch

1×3 @ 70%

1×3 @ 80%

1×3+ @ 90%

**Use 90% of 1RM for percentages (ex. if you lift 100, use 90 x .65 for your weight of the first set.)

When you get to your last set, it is 3+ reps. This means you will do your max reps and try to hit more than 3.

Score your weight for your last set and adjust how many reps you hit on the last set if needed.

“Minutes Away” (4 Rounds for reps)

20 Minute EMOM:

Min 1- 200m Run

Min 2- 60 Double Unders

Min 3- 12/9 Cal Bike

Min 4- Max Reps with DB in goblet (front rack) position, Right Rev. Lunge+ Left Rev. Lunge+ Goblet Squat 50/35

Min 5- Rest
Score= Max reps of R lunge/L lunge/ squat