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Tony Turski

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Olympic Lifting Certification

CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

CrossFit Mobility Certification

CrossFit Scaling Course Certification

Ever since I can remember I have loved to be active. Growing up I was always pushed into sports by my Mom. Baseball and Basketball were the sports that I loved to play. It didn’t matter to me that I wasn’t the biggest or the best on the team, what mattered to me was…..I WAS ON THE TEAM. I enjoy being a part of a group of people with a common goal. Whether that’s winning or just participating, it was far bigger to me that I was a “part of”!!

Along came CrossFit at the age of 48. My wife of 29 years came home and told me about it. She thought I might like it because we did something different all of the time. Gymnastics was a big part of it and I was pretty good in that area.

Here I am 7 years later and yes, CrossFit has changed my life. I get to be a “part of” something special to the most amazing group of people in the world. I love our membership and couldn’t imagine not having each and every one of them in my life today.

We work hard and we have fun. It’s not always easy and we don’t always laugh. Emotions are a part of our growing process on a continual basis. Once everyone understands that, the sky is the limit to our success.

I have been fortunate enough to have participated in the CrossFit Masters Games age 50-54 2014 and 2016. Both years I didn’t anticipate making the Games, but I did. It was because of our members that pushed me to get there.

CrossFit isn’t for everyone, but everyone should at least try it. I guarantee you’ll enjoy what we do if you have any desire to become fit.

There is only 1 requirement……..SHOW UP AND WE’LL DO THE REST!!!!

Coach Tony

  • Tony Tursk

Jake Worthington

Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit Movement & Mobility

USMC 2000 – 2004 Antitank Assaultman & Demolitionist

After participating in one of the deadliest battles in the Iraq War, the battle for An Nasiriyah, Jake decided to exit the Marine Corps. He went to work for his family’s business Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes where he taught kids how to read, spell and comprehend.

When he began CrossFit in 2009, his passion for teaching led him to get his Level 1 late in 2010. Since his family works for CrossFit HQ, he continues to strive to deliver CrossFit in a manner that is accessible to all. His motto is, “Anyone can CrossFit, but CrossFit is not for everyone.” Basically, this means that he knows that he can adjust the workouts to accommodate any physical limitation, but he will always treat everyone as an athlete and will require them to work hard.

In other words, everyone has a 100%, and Jake will expect you to give your version of 100%. Here is a 22 minute video about Jake, and his journey through CrossFit:

  • Jake Worthington