Turn 2 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Warm-up (No Measure)

500m run

10m toe grab

10m quad stretch

10m lateral lunge

10 arm circles (forward & backward)

10 open/close arms

*3 rounds of*

10 banded russian KB swings

(Black/red, 35/26)

5 clean high pulls

50m run
Add weight each round

Hang Power Clean

Take 15 minutes to build to heavy set of 10 unbroken hang power cleans. Try to get at least 5 sets in the 15 minutes.

“Benny the Jet” (AMRAP – Rounds)

Death by 10m Shuttle Sprints

Every minute on the minute perform one 10m shuttle sprint. Continue to add 10m every minute until you are not able to complete the 10m runs in the minute.

Score= highest number of shuttle runs completed in the minute
10m Shuttle Run Standard is both feet pass the line and one hand makes contact on the ground beyond the line.

Accessory Work

Metcon (No Measure)

3 rounds

Jog 100m backwards

15 tibialis raises

5/side knees over toes lunges