Saturday, November 9th Wod!!!

Turn 2 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Partner WOD

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Bike/Row/SkiErg 2:00min

Couch Stretch

10m Inch Worm

10-20 Good Mornings PVC

Partner MedBall Toss

Metcon (Time)


For Time

– Synchronization build to 2:00min Bar Hang. Jump to bar, and drop at same time

-100 Deadlifts 155/110 Partner 1 holds a Kettlebell 1.5/1 pood to chest (under chin) while Partner 2 performs 10 DL’s. Then flip flop until 100 are performed

– 400m Run together

– 50 Synchronized Bar Touching Burpee’s

– 400m Run together

– 100 Alternating Ball Slams. Partner 1 performs 1 slam, then Partner 2 performs 1 slam until 100 are completed

– 400m Run together