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As Mentioned this last week: NEW STRENGTH PROGRAM HAS BEGUN!

Athletes must choose: Deadlift/Bench or Deadlift/Push-Press. You must stick with that decision for all 8 weeks. The rep scheme will be the same to accommodate class sizes, but you get your choice of the push movement.

Deadlift Strength- will follow Wave Training- it is not custom to the individual- our goal is to just put in capacity here. Each week will start the next week out on Wave 2, so we are jumping 20#’s per week for 4 weeks, then 10# jumps after. However, we will still test 1RM max this week to see how far a program like this can take you!

Bench/Push Press Strength- will mirror the last cycle we did, with 2 extra weeks of programming. This will be based off your personal 1RM.

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Deadlift Warm-Up (No Measure)

Row 500m


10m Inch Worms

10 Barbell Good Mornings (weight optional)

10m Walking Toe Grab Hamstring Stretch

5-10 GHD Back Extensions

Deadlift (5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1)

Establish a 1rm to go off of for the new strength program

Between Attempts:

Progression Work to Strict MU

16 min Cap

Filly’s Saddle Up (Time)

For Time

30/21 Cal Row

15 Dual DB Deadlift (50/35)

12 Dual DB Hang P Clean

9 Dual DB FR Reverse Lunge ea

20/14 Cal Row

12 Deadlift

9 Hang P Clean

6 FR Rev. Lunge (ea)

10/7 Cal Row

9 Deadlift

6 Hang P Clean

3 FR Rev. Lunge (ea)

(Named today’s workout after Marcus Filly’s DB/Row challenge– his IG page inspires a lot of our Body Armor and sometimes has fun challenges. Saddle-Up was picked just becuase you’re jumping in the rower and lacing your shoes).



100 Banded Chest-Fly

100 Banded Good Mornings