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Dear T2CF Members,
We will be starting an 8 week strength based program consisting of The Strict Press and The Front Squat. Both of these movements are included in our 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit.
Our weekly structure will go as follows:
Week 1 – Test for our 1RM in the Press and Front Squat
Weeks 2 thru 7 – Monday’s Strict Press Day & Thursday’s Front Squat Day followed by a metcon
Week 8 – Re-Test
If you should miss a day in the week, you can make it up on your own and post your score in Wodify. You can also use the Open Gym hour of 10:30am Monday thru Friday to make it up then as well. Try very hard to get these workouts in. It’s important for us to have some sort of structure in our strength and conditioning. If you have any questions, please direct them towards Jake or Tony.
Good luck to each of you.

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